Windows 11 is on the way. Find out all the possible changes and features!

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Windows 11 is on the way. Find out all the possible changes and features!

Microsoft may have only recently released the Windows 10 May 2021 upgrade (also known as version 21H1), but a big new release is on the way. On June 24, Microsoft will hold a virtual event to reveal "the next generation of Windows," promising significant improvements to the long-running operating system — and possibly a new name for Windows 11.

Features and Updates

The New Start Menu

The new Start Menu is the first thing that we noticed with Windows 11. This is one of the most exciting things for us, despite the fact that it is contentious. The Start Menu is now pushed to the center by Microsoft, though you may still shift it to the left if you choose to.

That is a significant alteration in and of itself, but the design has also changed. Instead of Live Tiles and a large list of apps, the Windows 11 Start Menu gives you your most recent files and “pinned” apps. It is extremely refreshing because it makes getting to the stuff you want to utilize with ease and distraction-free.

Dark Mode

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Windows 10's Dark Mode was always a letdown. Some system programs and settings pages may not be affected by switching to dark mode. Microsoft has attempted to improve this with Windows 11. Although some sections are still not fully compatible with dark mode, the way it appears on title bars, the taskbar, and Action Center is really refreshing to the eyes.

New Animations

You could see a sophisticated visual when you tiled your apps and programs since windows featured a glass-like look behind them. This was also included in Windows 10, but Microsoft toned it down slightly to make it more unobtrusive. Well, that’s back in Windows 11, and now it looks extremely pleasing.

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Opening and closing apps, maximizing and minimizing windows — they all have new animations. Apps now minimize as they jump to the Taskbar. They also have an effect where they open from the inside if you click the maximize button. It is a new feel for the aging Windows.

Improved Touch Controls

Windows 11 brings some much-needed changes by removing tablet mode entirely in favor of some smaller tweaks.

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Windows 11 makes it so that when you touch a window with your finger, you see a bigger representation of where it is moving. That makes it easier to use Windows if you have a tablet. Windows 11 also introduces a new keyboard. It has support for inserting GIF images and also shows a cleaner representation and has better sound feedback for when you touch keys.

Fresh New Sounds

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The sounds in Windows 10 didn't change much when it was released in 2015. For routine actions like inserting USB devices, error warnings, notifications, and more, we've been stuck with the same audio feedback. With a new sound suite, Windows 11 finally shakes things up. The sounds cover a wide range of common chores, and it's a welcome change after five years of the same system noises.

Rounded Corners

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Windows 10 has a lot of flat edges, but Windows 11 is changing that. Windows 11 replaces the sharp corners with rounded ones to match Microsoft's Fluent Design language. It's one of the most noticeable features of the OS, and it also looks fantastic. Windows and programs now have edges that resemble what Apple did in MacOS Big Sur. When coupled with the right wallpaper, it's a dramatic shift from Windows 10's squared corners, which have been around for five years.

New Icons

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Because numerous icons were left over from Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows 98, and even Windows 10 struggled with them. Microsoft has been implementing new icons across its entire product line, and Windows 11 is now following suit. New icons for documents, downloads, and images are included in the update. You'll notice newer icons as you browse through the OS, all of which help drive Windows past the year 2015.

New Ways To Manage Virtual Desktops

In Windows 11, there is also a new feature for virtual desktops. Virtual desktop management has been moved to a dedicated section at the bottom of the screen. You can also change the background on each virtual desktop individually by dragging it left and right with your mouse or finger. It's a more natural and integrated approach to dealing with problems.

Finally, it's crucial to keep in mind that the Windows 11 build we're testing isn't final. Things may change between now and the final release, but many of these features appear to be included in the final operating system. The actual scope of what's to come in Windows 11 will be revealed on June 24, and we couldn't be more excited.


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